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Friday, October 1, 2010

I Spy... can you?

Hello Everybody,

Well first I want to say that I had so much fun Skyping with everyone. It was so amazing seeing you all again... I miss you all! I especially loved all the great questions you asked me and the scientists here; they were very impressed by your intellectual questions. I'm very happy that I will be back on Tuesday (which is picture day so my class don't forget to wear black and white) because there is still so much I want to share/show you all.

After we Skyped, we went back out to Honey Island Swamp and had our last day of collecting. I have to say, this one was a bit different from the others. It started out the same, but ended with a bit of a shocker. Take a look:

Can you pick out three dangerous things in this picture?
(Hint: One is man made, but the other two are found in nature)

Did you guess the first one?

If you guessed the Machete (really big sword) you are right!

(Hint: For the other two, one is a plant, and the other is a reptile)

Did you guessed the plant yet?

If you guessed poison ivy... you are right!

Now the last one (the reptile) is a hard one. Here, I'll zoom in for you... can you see it now?

(Hint: It is nestled near the tree trunk in the middle of the picture near the machete's handle)

Have you got it yet?


Then here's an even closer look...

If you guessed a snake... YOU WIN!!!

How cool is this!

Now the real question is... what kind of snake is this?

This particular snake which was hiding behind our bag of caterpillars is called a Southern Copperhead and it is very venomous/poisonous. Thankfully our fearless leader Mark spotted it before it had a chance to strike anyone! The one we found was about 2 feet long!

What else can you tell me about the Southern Copperhead?


  1. Hi Ms.Shin!!!!!!!!!!! You are seeing lots of cool things in New Orleans!!! The Southern Copperheads are very colorful and strikingly snakes, which mean they are very camouflage. Also, these adult snakes are usually 24 to 36 inches long! Well, Ms.Shin HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

    Sincerely, Ariel :) P.S. We miss you!!!

  2. Dear Ms.Shin,
    The southern copperhead snake IS very cool!!
    Thank goodness that you are back to your best and favorite students Jasmine & Ariel!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SEE YOU SOON!!!!
    Your best and favorite students,
    Jasmine and Ariel

  3. hi Ms.Shin
    the southern copperhead name comes from the red-copper color on it's head. the scientific name for this snake is agkistrodonc contortnix contortnix. so when startled it will think you are trying to hurt it. soon it will try to attack you, and most likly you will die.
    p.s. if you ever counter that type of snake again, slowly walk away quietly because snakes responed to movement.
    p.p.s. don't touch the poison ivy. have fun!!

  4. Hi Ms Shin,
    You found so many things that camouflaged to things. They are so cool! How did you find that much things that are camouflage. We miss you. Come back soon. Have fun!!

  5. Hi Ms.Shin,
    I only spoted the first and thrid things that were hiding. I didn't know that there was poisin ivy there. Did the snake try to bite someone? I think if it did it will be really bad and could kill someone. A fact about the snake is it is the most commmon venomous snake found in eastern US. Well Ms.Shin Have Fun!

  6. Hi Ms Shin! THis is Derek. That snake was so cool! Good thing the snake didn't get to all of you because it was very poisonous. That snake really blended in with all the brown leaves and tree. I couldn't see until the third picture! Well, like most of your comments said, we miss you and come back soon!!

  7. Hi ms.shin!!!!i didn't even get to see anything in the picture exept the machete.those are such awsome pictures u have!!!i wish u could just tell us everything about what u saw

    from,your mestirious student darren

  8. I let my Dad to try to find the things and he spent around ten minutes staring at the picture. He couldn't spot the snake at all. My sister gave up, and my mom passed after around five minutes. HAHA! My Dad still doesn't know but he'll find it sometime this next decade.
    P.S. Didn't I put up a previous post? It's all gone now and it doesn't say "Your comment will be visible after approval" when I clicked "Post Comment". I had so much questions on the comment that was supposedly deleted. I hope this one will come out!