Hello, my name is Ms. Shin. Join me as I travel to New Orleans to study Climate Change and Caterpillars!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm Here!!!

Hello Ladies and Gents,
Sorry this post is so late, but I haven't had internet for awhile. So, don't worry if you haven't posted yet! I hope everyone is doing well! I'm learning a lot here and I'm very excited to show you all what I have been learning. We are a group of 9 teachers and scientists who will be studying Caterpillars in the Pearl River area of Louisiana.

First, I had a chance to look around New Orleans on the day I arrived and I have to say that it is a beautiful city!!! Oh, I love the architecture! The buildings are gorgeous... and the food... YUM!!!

This is a picture of the Parkview Hotel where I stayed for a night before heading out to Pearl River.

New Orleans is a great city with A LOT of history, arts, music, and delicious food!!!

Although a lot of people did lose their homes in Hurricane Katrina, the people of New Orleans still remain friendly and they are very helpful to strangers (yes, Ms. Shin needed help on day one). Did you know that parts of New Orleans was under 25 feet of water?!!! Wow. I wonder what else happened around here?
On Saturday we headed out to the bunk house near Pearl River. We saw a beautiful rainbow over the river. Can you spot it?

It's right about here.

On Sunday, we went over our schedule, what we would be learning, teaching, focusing on, and more. It was the first day of school for Ms. Shin. I didn't get to search for caterpillars just yet, but I did manage to see a beetle and snake right outside our bunk house... that was cool!!!

Hopefully, I will have more to post tomorrow. Till then, stay cool!! No... really... stay cool, it's like 90 degrees and REALLY humid here! And when it rains, it pours!!!
Ms. Shin


  1. Hi Ms.Shin! Nice to hear that you are having fun in New Orleans! It must be amazing, exciting, and interesting! Did you touch the snake and beetle? I hope you will learn a lot about it, so you could tell and teach us about caterpillars at school when you get back. We miss you!

  2. Hi Ms.Shin!
    I hope your having a perfect time at New Orleans!!! The hotel you stayed at is beatiful! Your probably enjoying the delicous food there. Lots of famous chefs and restaurants there. Yum! If you would like to see lots of bugs, and insects then go to the Audubon Insectarium. Its located on 423 Canal St. LA 70130. If you would like to call them the phone number is (504)581-4629. I hope your not freaking out with all the insects and bugs flying around. Has it rained while you were there? Keep in mind that it can rain 60 to 100 inches.

    - David

  3. Dear M.Shin,
    I hope that you are having fun! Here are some fun facts that you should know about New Orleans, Louisiana. It will be sunny all week, so you can enjoy thesunshine. There are many fun museums in the city. There are art museums with statues and a bunch of history! It should be interesting to see!!!! New Orleans is famous for their food. There are also drinks and recipes that you can also try. You can also visit there shopping malls. They are HUGE!
    The architecture is also beautiful as you can see. Well, I hope that you have a great time with the rest of your trip!

  4. ms.shin,
    here are facts about New Orleans:
    1)New Orleans was found by Jean Baptiste La Moyne
    2)Some parts of the rivers and swamps are about 25ft.
    3)New Orleans has been hit by two major hurricanes.The hurracane was Hurricane Besty andHurricane Katrina
    4)New Orleans is called Cresent City because the Mississippi river flows in the shape of a cresent around the city
    5)Canal St. was once the widest street in the entire world

  5. Hi Ms.Shin. This is Derek blogging. We are in computer class researchin about New Orleans. Here's what I learned so far. The weater in New Orleans (highs and morning temps.) are all over 80 degrees. At night, the temps. are all down to around 60 degrees. The temperatures throughout the week are like this.
    Next fact: New Orleans is surrounded by swamps and marshes. The highest point above sea level for the water is six feet above sea level. Also, anual rainfall is usually 60" to 100" in New Orleans.
    I will blog again because there's not enough time.Bye!

  6. Hi Ms.Shin!!
    Did you know that New Orleans was found by Jean Buptiste La Moyne in 1718.


  7. Hi Ms.Shin!Today is going hot.It is going to be 80 degrees.I got my new 8000 dollars hearing aid at the yankees stadium yesterday.It was amazing because i was sorounded be camra men.it is really tiny and awsome. By:Julio Saraiva

  8. New Orleans was found in the year 1718 by Jean Baptiste La Moyne Sieur De Binville.sincerly Linda zhou

  9. Hello Ms.Shin!!!!! How is New Orleans? Did you know that New Orleans was found in the year of 1718 by Jean Baptiste La Moyne? Also, Ms.Shin you were right about Hurricane Katrina, it was a very big storm in New Orleans. As, the community grew to the west, north, and east, it followed the curve in the river, and was known as the Crescent City.
    Sincerely, Ariel.

  10. Hello Ms.Shin,
    Are you having fun. I read your blog on your site. I can tell you some facts about New Orleans. Did you know that New Orlean was found in 1718 by Jean Baptiste La Moyne and Sieurde Bienville. Did you also know that the first skyscraper was built in 1807. Have fun!!!!!

  11. Hi Ms.Shin! Did you see the Double Galley House yet? It's found in the Lower Garden District, Garden District, Uptown, Esplanade Ridge. It's name is from two-story gallerys framed by columns.

    Kevin Liu

  12. Hi Ms. Shin
    Did you know that New Orleans was found in the year 1718. When Jean Baptiste La Moyne didn't find New Orleans ,than it will only be a trading camp on a curve in the east bank of Mississippi River. The first New Orleans skyscraper was built in 1807. there is a famous food called Andouille. It is a spicy pork sausage used in gumbo, jambalaya or with red beans and rice. That are a few facts about New Orleans.
    Sincerly, Andrew

  13. Hi Ms Shin!!!! It's Nicole. We just looked up 5 facts about New Orleans, and here are mine.
    1 New Orleans was founded in 1718. 2 It was just an old campstie by the mississippi river.3 It grew to be a city known for its food, fun, and beauty.4 It is surrounded by water. 5 hurricane katrina took place there a few years ago.

  14. Dear Ms.Shin. Here is some facts i learned. Did you know that New Orleans was found by Jean Baptiste La Moyne, Sieur de Bienville in 1718? Also, the city is organized into a rectangular,ortified community, which exist as French Quarter. As the community grew to werst,north, and east. It followed the curve in the water and became known as Crescent City.

    Wilson Chang

  15. Guess what I learned, Ms. Shin? I searched the web and found 3 facts about New orleans! You are not going to belive this!!!
    1}In 1718, New Orleans was founded by Jean Baptiste La Moyne.
    2}First, it was nothing more than a trading camp on the east bank of the Mississippi River.
    3}In 1807, the first New orleans skyscraper was built and it is the first four-story building in the city.


  16. Hi Ms.Shin. I think that i have some wonderful tips that i can give you about new orlean. The weather there will be 76% of sunny and 24% of rain. The other fun fact is new orlean is founded in 1718. There are some great food there witch is, muffuletta and ferdi. There are art museums. There are lots of things you can do in new orlean. You can do shoping and have fun from the carneval coming in your hotel soon! New orlean was found in 1718 on the bank of mississippi. New orlean is a city surrounded by water! from zhitong zhang

  17. Hi Ms.Shin! This is Khadijah Coppin. I am very glad that you are really happy at New Orleans. These are some facts I found on the internet, so that you can learn more about the place you are in and get used to it . So these are facts :
    Did you know that ...
    In 1929 the street Car Union went on strike for some reason .
    New Orleans is a birthplace of jazz , blues , and Rock and roll .

    The natives in New Orleans consider themselves known as the caujn , they know many ethinic languages . Tell you more later .
    Sincerly khadijah ,

  18. Hi Ms Shin,
    I reseached that New Orleans was actually found in 1718.


  19. Hi Ms. Shin. This is Derek. I hope you find this information the entire class has already given you. I also think its really cool to find a snake outside your hotel. Well, have a good time finding caterpillars and bye!