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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A hunting we will go... for caterpillars!

Hello Y'all,

Today was another exciting day of hunting... and Skyping! I had a chance to Skype with Ms. Marquardt's and Ms. Choi's 2nd grade classes. It was a lot of fun.

After that, I had a chance to go out and look for some more caterpillars. When I got out there, we not only found caterpillars, but also a whole assortment of other interesting organisms. Take a look:

Fowler's Toad

Tussock Moth


Thread Legged Assassin Spider

Tortoise Beetle

How cool are they! NATURE ROCKS!!!

By the way, can you find the scientific names for some of these organisms/species?

Replying to Comments:

I'm glad to see some of you are asking questions and learning interesting facts about caterpillars and about New Orleans. I know I am. I didn't know that New Orleans was founded in 1718 by Jean Baptiste La Moyne, but now I do, so thank you everyone.

Nicole, good job on finding the scientific name for the banded sphinx. You are right it is Eumorpha fasciatus. Kayaking was fun, but exhausting. I'm just glad I didn't fall in and El Guapo didn't think I was his dinner!

Victor, I'm glad you like that caterpillar, they are very cute! I like the Banded Sphinx... mostly because they're easier to find. I feel like they are the Godzilla's of the caterpillar world. =)

Franklin, so far I haven't screamed or freaked out... yet. I didn't get a chance to feed El Guapo marshmallows and even if I did, I don't think I would. Would you?


  1. Hey Ms.Shin
    I'm glad you are nat El dinner. But still I would feed El marshmallow. I think you are just nervous. I like the thread legged assassin spider. The spider looks so cool. The spider is so thin that you can't almost see it.
    The first student to write to you,

  2. Ms.shin
    Did you know that 17 hurricanes hit New Orlean Louisiana. The name are Hurricane Brenda,Esther,Hilda,Besty,Camille,Bob,Elena,Flor-ence,Andrew,Herman,Bertha,Isidore,Matthew,Cindy,
    Katrina,Gustav,and Ida.
    Still you first student,

  3. Ms.Shin,
    Did you know that when spell kayak backward it spells Kayak
    Your student,

  4. Hi Ms.Shin!!!
    I found that the scientific name for two of the animals that you mentioned. one of them is the Fowler told, his scientific name is Bufo fowleri. The other one is the tussock moth, it is called the Dasychire.
    P.S.did you know that the fowler toad is know for it's super stinky foul smell!
    victor v.

  5. Derek blogging:
    Hello Ms. Shin! It looks like you're having lots of fun! Are you going kayaking everyday? Because if you are, you're going to be BEYOND exhausted! By the way, all those pictures you posted look so cool! Like Franklin, I also like that thread legged assassin spider best. Aside from its cool name, that spider could probably get prey really easily since its so hard to see. And isn't the "tussock moth" a tussock caterpillar? Or did you just type wrong?
    Now to find the names of the organisms you saw(scientific name):
    Fowler's Frog-bufo fowleri or bufo woodhousii fowleri
    Tussock Moth-(I think)orgyia pseudotsugata
    I don't know the others yet so I'll blog agian sometime after. Bye!
    P.S.If you didn't comment for like one of your posts, is that anything bad? Not that much people commented on your previous post.

  6. Dear Ms. shin I think the pictures are cool but also disgusting but its alright i guess. I really wish our class could Skype with you.Hope you enjoy your trip!! Liana

  7. Hello Ms.Shin!!!!!!!!! How are you in New Orleans? Cool pictures!!! I hope you can skype with us soon!!!!! I hope you meet new caterpillars. Enjoy your trip.

    Your student, Ariel ;)

  8. Ms.Shin,
    It looks like your having a lot of fun in New Orleans!!! You posted really cool and interesting pictures. I hope you can skype with us soon too!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip in New Orleans!!!!!
    Your student, Ariel :)

  9. Hi Ms.Shin,
    How are you doing? Did you know that the Battle of New Orleans made Andrew Jackson a hero. I think that the thread legged assain spider looks cool. Does it poisin or bite someone? I wouldn't want to find the tortise beetle or a Geometride in my house. How are you not scared at all? Right now i would be freaking out. Good luck Ms.Shin!

  10. Ms.Shin,
    i was so amused by the insects u found.the spider was so small that i had to zoom it in the picture so that i could see it and it was so nice and i'm also trying to find some of the names for the insects you found

  11. Dear Ms Shin,
    oh no!!!! im blogging so late at night!!!!!! i m so glad that u r NOT freaking out and having a good time. The insects that u found r really cool, but i like the tortise beetle. it kinda looks like an ailen. Ms shin u r right. i wouldnt feed El Guapo. He might mistake MY hand 4 a marshmellow(hahahaha).

    Peace out,

  12. Hi!!! Its nicole again! i forgot to say that I will c u 2morro( on skype)

  13. Hello, Ms. Shin. How are you? I hope our class can skype with you next! I am really looking forward to it. I can't belive how much things you found out about in just a couple of days! Hope you find out more!!!

  14. I heard , from my sister of course . I really think that the fowler toad is really cute ! KHADIJAH :-)