Hello, my name is Ms. Shin. Join me as I travel to New Orleans to study Climate Change and Caterpillars!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day Two of Collecting!

Hello again!

Today was another exciting and exhausting day! I kayaked and plotted caterpillar sites all day! Whew! Thank you for all of your comments and I hope you keep up with my post! Most of you seem to be interested in the 15 foot alligator named El Guapo. You couldn't really see him except for his eyes and tail sticking out of the water... I have to say, it was a little scary. One of my leaders/teachers here (Mark) told me that the locals call him that name; I don't know why though, I guess it's because he's the biggest in the river. When tourists come to Pearl River, the guides feed the alligators marshmallows. Apparently they really like them... who knew!

This is our fearless leader Rebecca.

This is her second in command, Mark.

This is the great and powerful Mike.

This is someone examining a caterpillar using a microscope.

Did anyone figure out what the caterpillars on the previous post pupate/turn into?

If you do, let me know!

Ms. Shin


  1. Hi Ms Shin!!! I am still in shock that you can Kayak. Did you feed El Guapo marshmellows yet?
    I found out that the banded sphinx caterpillars scientific name is Eumoroha fasciatus. As much fun as the othe subs are, we all miss you here.
    I hope you have ginormous amounts of fun!!!!!
    You're favorite student(I hope)

  2. Hey Ms.shin,
    I can give you some facts right now. Did you know that the banded sphnix caterpillar scientific name is Eumoroha. Did you feed El Guapo marshmallow? I would like to know later.
    Your student,

  3. I hope you are having a great time in New Orleans Ms. Shin. I am amazed at how big these catepillars are. Are the number of catepillars endangered? Do the catepillars serve a good purpose for the habitates they live in? Are they someone's dinner? Sort of like mosquitos for bats. How long do the catepillars usually live for? I can't wait to read more!

    Keep studying and don't forget to wear sunblock!!!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Mason

  4. Hello Ms.Shin!!!!!!!!! Nice pictures!!!! I hope you get to feed El Guapo marshmallow. Show us a picture of him.

    Your student, Ariel :)

  5. Hi Ms.Shin
    Did you see El Guapo again? Anyways the banned sphinx science name is Eumoroha. Did you learn anything when you exmined the caterpillar. Is there anyone else in your team? Your team looks like it,s the best. Well got to go. Good luck!

  6. How are you doing? Did you see El Gaupo and feed him marshmellows? I hope you have a nice day of exploring! Tell us about it!
    From, Christina

  7. How is it going?i heard that you saw El Gaupo in the lake.i also see people asking did u feed him.Also,those were very nice pictures you took.and the someone was you!

    from, mestirious darren